Pandur offered Madrid, the only city in the world that boasts with a monument to a fallen angel, an unparalleled pleasure of the descent into the hell of the soul, a gift for which he was thanked by the privileged spectators of the glittering capital with ovations and demands that he should deposit his passport and never leave their country again. Yes, Pandur's direction inevitably leads into the state of euphoria. The performance begins with a quote from Camille Paglia: " My method is a form of sensationalism: I try to flesh out intellect with emotion and to induce a wide range of emotion from the spectator". This intention is carried out in full, by the attack on the senses with a series of images of supernatural beauty, the kind of beauty that the reason is defenceless against. He creates archetypes, which are perfect without being superfluous and at the same time recall numerous works of the Western art and address the most primal level in the human being. Although the cast consists of some of the best Spanish actors and dancers, whose sensibility is extremely important for the dreamlike outcome, both, the artistic circles and the media pay special attention to Pandur's pan-Slavic creative team, whose contribution they welcome as a chance to experience top European theatre.

(Viviana Radman, Elle, July 2005, Zagreb, Croatia  )