Graduated from the Academy for Theatre, Film and Television, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1988 (MDA in directing). From 1989 until 1996 Director and Artistic director of The Drama of the Slovene National Theatre Maribor, Slovenia. Cofounder and Artistic director of the international theatre organization Pandur.Theaters. Currently resides and works in Madrid, Spain.
KING LEAR (Athens, Greece 2015), FAUSTO (Centro Dramatico Nacional, Madrid, Spain, 2014), RICHARD III + II ( Slovene National Theater Ljubljana, 2014), Michelangelo / HNK Zagreb, Mittelfest 2013, Teatro N.Giovanni Udine, Italia, Pandur Theaters, 2013 / Medeja / HNK Zagreb, Festival Dubrovnik 2012 / War and peace / HNK Zagreb, Pandur Theaters, EPK Maribor 2012 / Twilight of the Gods / Caida de los dioses (Teatro Español, Madrid, Španija, 2011); Symphony of Sorrowful Songs (Staatsoper Berlin, Germany, 2010); Medea (Festival Merida, Spain, 2009); Hamlet (Teatro Español, Madrid, Spain, 2009); Caligula (Pandur.Theaters, Slovenia and Gavella Theatre, Croatia, 2008); Baroque / Barroco (Teatro Fernán Gómez / Centro Cultural de la Villa, Madrid, Spain, 2007); Tesla Electric Company (Pandur.Theaters, Slovenia in collaboration with Ulysses Theatre, Croatia, and Mittelfest Festival, Italy, 2006); The Wings / Alas (Compania Nacional de Danza, Madrid, Spain, 2006); Inferno / Infierno (Centro Dramático National, Teatro María Guerrero, Madrid, Spain, 2005); From the House of Dead / Aus einem Totenhaus (Oper Bonn, Germany, 2004); One Hundred Minutes (Pandur.Theaters and Festival Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2003); Dictionary of the Khazars (Pandur. Theaters and Festival Ljubljana in collaboration with international co-producers, 2002); Divine Comedy / La divina commedia: Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso (Thalia Theatre, Hamburg, Germany, 2001-2002); Silence of the Balkans (European Cultural Capital, Thessaloniki, Greece,1997); Babylon (Drama Sng, Maribor, Slovenia / Arte,1996); Russian Mission (Drama Sng, Maribor, Slovenia and Steirischer Herbst, Graz, Austria,1995); Divine Comedy / La divina commedia: Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso (Drama Sng, Maribor, Slovenia, 1994); Carmen (Drama Sng, Maribor, Slovenia,1993); Hamlet (Drama Sng, Maribor, Slovenia, 1992); Faust (Drama Sng, Maribor, Slovenia, 1991); Scheherezade (Mladinsko Theatre, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1989); Hedda Gabler (Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and TV, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1988).

Pandur’s Theatre of Dreams, art monography, published by Seventheaven, Slovenia, 1997; LA CAIDA DE LOS DIOSES, publish by Teatro Espanol, 2011, HAMLET, published by Teatro Espanol, 2010, BARROCO, published by Centro Cultural de la Ville, Madrid, Spain, 2007. 

Order of Isabel the Catholic for exceptional achievements in the field of art, Spain, 2011; The Best Overall Production, 2nd Grand Festival Ciudad de Mexico; The Grand Prix, mess Festival, Sarajevo; The Golden Mask, mess Festival, Sara- jevo; The Best Foreign Production, Buenos Aires; The Golden Laurel Wreath for Direction, mess Festival, Sarajevo; The Golden Mask for Best Overall Production, mess Festival, Sarajevo; The Korenić Award for Direction, mess Festival, Sa- rajevo; Grand Prix, bitef Festival, Belgrade; The Borštnik Festival Award for Best Overall Produc- tion, Maribor; The Borštnik Festival Award for Best Direction, Maribor; The Best Foreign Pro- duction Award in Mexico; The Yugoslav Critics Award for Best Production; The Prešeren Founda- tion Award for the direction, Slovenia; The Bojan Stupica Award for life work, Belgrade; The Glazer Award, Maribor; The Golden Symbol of the City Maribor etc. 
Boys ( acryl on canvas, underwater movie stills) - LAUBA , Zagreb, Croatia, 2013